The Consequences of Losing a Medical Director

Every emergency medical service, or EMS, relies significantly on the competence and leadership of its medical director. Medical directors are responsible for overseeing system coordination, supervising personnel, anchoring team culture, and much more, so the sudden and unexpected event of losing of a medical director can feel like a shock wave throughout the EMS business.

Whether your EMS company has recently lost a medical director or you simply want to be prepared for every eventuality, here are just a few of the consequences your business might experience after such a loss.

Other Personnel Will Have To Learn How To Handle All-Encompassing System Details

Perhaps the most obvious consequence of losing a medical director is that other personnel will have to step in and learn all the details that a director is usually in charge of overseeing. Directors are generally privy to sensitive company information and may understand internal system operations better than anyone else in the office. Other employees may have to be temporarily appointed with the director gone to split up these supervisory duties and oversee various aspects of keeping the business running.

The Team Culture May Suddenly Feel Different

Of course, acting in a supervisory function isn’t the only difference a director makes to the EMS workplace. Since they’re at the helm of the business, directors can set the tone for team culture. This, unfortunately, means that the sudden departure or loss of a director can mark a sudden shift in the workplace’s culture. Some aspects that could feel different include:

  • The support of individual employees’ development
  • Encouragement to work together as a team
  • The goal of providing outstanding service while maintaining a good work-life balance

New Liaisons With Government Authorities May Need To Be Appointed

Another essential function many EMS directors perform that may frequently get overlooked is acting as a liaison with government authorities. Every business needs someone to ensure that the company is complying with all relevant governmental regulations, and directors have the know-how and experience needed to keep up with these regulations. In many cases, they may have acquaintances whom they can reach out to for assistance in complying. Following the loss of a director, new liaisons may have to be appointed for these functions.

Medical directors provide EMS businesses with leadership and so much more. From overseeing minor details to supervising major projects to pulling teams together, creating a healthy company culture, complying with governmental regulations, and more, directors play a huge role in keeping an EMS company together. Whether you want to prepare for every potential scenario or your EMS business has recently lost its own medical director, understanding these possible consequences can help you brace for the shock and prepare for the aftermath.

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