Insurance Agents, Kick off the New Year with These Best Practices

It takes certain characteristics to be a good insurance agent. If you are looking to improve your agency’s operations in 2020 to get new business and satisfy the clients you currently have, consider these best practices. 

Customer Empathy

Agents need to understand their clients’ fears and motivations. If you seem as if you are only out to earn commissions, you won’t build an enduring business. Be sure to spend time with customers and develop a sense of empathy. This ‘quality time’ with customers not only builds trust and rapport but also helps agents naturally uncover new opportunities to help the customer.


Structure is important. Beyond onboarding new clients, timely renewals and relationship-building outreach, agents are not required to invest long hours in servicing their clients; giving agents the opportunity to go and build out a larger book of business.

However, if customers do require attention, agents can make or break their relationship in a flash. Customers expect to have access to their agents in times of need. Agents are expected to be responsive, available for phone calls and even available on social media for issues. It’s this responsiveness that is most effective in enabling agents to grow their book.


It’s not enough to spend time with clients. This may retain relationships, but growing relationships and harvesting referrals requires more emotional intellect. Agents who spend their time with customers understanding their financial vision and their concerns are in a better spot to suggest suitable products and programs. This personalization is what sets agents apart. The best know where to bring it and what to pull out from it.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

You need to find your own way to grow and take risks. While you may have a brand and a known business practice, you still must drum up business yourself. Do not wait on the sidelines or mimic others. Successful agents have a definitive business development method. They have bet their business on a certain approach. What is your unique way of doing business? Prepared to press on despite obstacles and naysayers?


You face many challenges: bureaucracy, regulation, rejection. It’s difficult to remain chipper day in and day out. But for a new client deciding whether to take a new policy, your demeanor is all they see. The best agents seem to be winning and always carry that attitude. It’s important that people are eager to work with you. Also, you must know that rejection is part of the daily routine and find ways to overcome it. It is critical to be able to manage the rejections.

Being Well-Equipped with Products

Make sure you have a broad enough offering to serve your clients. No matter how good your rapport is, you are selling products. So it’s critical that you have the products to meet your client’s needs. It’s crucial to have a robust offering of products and services to serve your clients’ demands. The best agents know more than just the policies they sell. Have a keen sense of your client’s financial position.


Lead your customers! While many customers may think that insurance is all the same, you can position yourself differently. By making yourself available on common social media, or by using technologies to remove bureaucracy, you can differentiate your services and deepen customer loyalty

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