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First Responder Guide to Managing Acute & Chronic Sleep Problems

Virtual Webinar

Shift work, long work hours, and many types of stressors can contribute to short- and long-term sleep problems in high-tempo, high-risk occupations including first responders. Science-driven strategies that can optimize sleep and mitigate fatigue under such circumstances, and help prevent the development of chronic sleep problems and related consequences such as depression, anxiety, injuries, or …

First Responder Nutrition

Virtual Webinar

Learn from Joe Bonanno, a FDNY veteran firefighter, graduate award winning chef, fitness trainer/nutritionist, and author on how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat for maximum firefighter performance on the fireground, post-fire, off-duty, and eventually a healthier retirement. Don't miss this webinar to get Joe's easy to follow, doable routine in three …

Lithium-Ion Batteries – Chemicals & Physical Health Issues

Virtual Webinar

Learn from Chris Pfaff, Lead Instructor and Owner of PHRT Hazmat & Rescue Instruction (, on why lithium-ion batteries go into runaway, why the electrolyte is hazardous, and why other batteries "aren't" as toxic or dangerous as Li-ion. He’ll also discuss the metals used and how they are consumed in smoke. He’ll wrap up with …