Biden’s Vaccination Mandate to Impact EMS

President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate has sparked political debates, with many people arguing against it and many others supporting it. Regardless of your stance, though, it’s become clear that employers will be forced to comply or face penalties, including some steep fines. Many EMS providers are wondering whether they are subject to the mandate, and if so, how they will enforce it for their employees. Indeed, many questions remain, but employers should first become familiar with the specifics of the directive and the information it offers about implementation of the mandate.

Large EMS Companies

Biden’s vaccine mandate outlines which employers are subject to its standards and which are exempt. The mandate’s primary criteria is the number of employees that a company has. Those that have over 100 staff members must abide by the standards of the mandate, but those with fewer than 100 employees may be exempt. Larger EMS companies are thus subject to the mandate and must ensure that all employees are either vaccinated or able to produce a negative COVID test on a weekly basis. OSHA is expected to issue an ETS to implement the requirement.

EMS Federal Contractors

In addition to EMS companies with more than 100 employees, EMS companies that provide services to the federal government will also be subject to the mandate. This is because the executive order extends the vaccine mandate to contractors who do business with the U.S. government. EMS personnel who work in connection with certain government contracts must thus be vaccinated or be able to furnish a negative COVID test every week. If an EMS agency maintains a federal contract, all of their employees will be subject to the mandate.

Medicare EMS Providers

The mandate is likely to heavily impact EMS providers who participate in Medicare and Medicaid programs. This is because the vaccine mandate specifically targets healthcare providers who are reimbursed by federal health programs. EMS providers who bill to Medicaid or Medicare — which nearly all EMS providers do — can expect to be held to the vaccine mandate’s standards. In addition to fines, failure to comply can result in loss of Medicare or Medicaid funding.

EMS Safety Concerns

There are few — if any — EMS personnel who will not be subject to Biden’s vaccine mandate. For EMS companies that receive pushback from staff, the benefits of the vaccine should be highlighted. Because EMS personnel often come into contact with bodily fluids, it’s particularly important that they get the vaccine in order to protect themselves. Unvaccinated EMS workers are at risk of contracting COVID, and they’re also liable to unknowingly spread it to patients who may already be ill and thus increasingly vulnerable. EMS workers and companies should comply with the mandate in order to remain safe and avoid penalties.

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