Encouraging all EMS Workers to Get the COVID Vaccine

If part of your work as an insurance agent involves covering emergency medical services teams, now may be the right time to discuss with your clients the importance of getting their workers vaccinated against COVID-19. Many frontline workers are now eligible to receive their doses of the COVID vaccine, and getting vaccinated has several health, legal, and even insurance-related benefits for your clients. Here are some of the reasons your clients should consider encouraging their workers to get vaccinated, and what they might be able to do to boost workers’ morale.

Many Types of EMS Workers Are Eligible for Vaccination

Part of the confusion in scheduling a COVID vaccine may stem from workers feeling unsure whether they’re eligible to get vaccinated soon. If this is the case, your client may want to pass on the news that many different types of EMS workers are currently eligible for the vaccine, including but not limited to:

  • Paramedics
  • Firefighters
  • Police officers
  • Emergency medical technicians

Review the Risks of Forgoing Vaccination With the EMS Workers

Another key piece of helping your clients encourage vaccination among their EMS workers is reviewing all the risks that come with choosing to forego vaccination. At the moment, it may be easy for EMS workers to think that vaccination isn’t urgent or strictly necessary. However, they may change their minds when reminded that they may be taking a serious gamble with their health without vaccination. Some of the risks might include:

  • Becoming infected and having to take time off work or even leave their jobs
  • Having an increased risk of death if they are in a high-risk category for COVID-19

Additionally, you may want to remind workers that those in emergency medical services encounter others who may be infected regularly. This contact with the public puts them at a greater risk without the COVID vaccine. Furthermore, getting vaccinated can act as a protective measure for their patients, too.

Consider Establishing a Workplace Vaccination Incentive Program

Your client can encourage their workers to get vaccinated by establishing a workplace incentive program to help motivate employees to schedule their vaccinations. These incentive programs may differ from workplace to workplace, but even small incentives like bonuses or cash incentive programs can work wonders as a powerful motivator for employees. If your client can’t afford to institute cash rewards, a group reward like hosting an employee dinner after a certain percentage has gotten vaccinated can be a great alternative.

Ensuring all eligible workers get vaccinated is essential to your EMS clients’ physical well-being and legal security. As their insurance agent, go through these talking points with them and help them understand why it’s important to encourage all emergency medical services personnel to get vaccinated as soon as the possibility arises.

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