Proper EMS Tool Storage Tactics

The job of an EMS provider often requires speed but not at the sacrifice of precision and organization. In order to perform their jobs as effectively and as safely as possible, proper tool storage tactics must be implemented. Having firefighting tools stashed securely in the apparatus can sometimes be a factor of preparedness that averts injury or even death.

EMS Tool Storage Tactics and Their Corresponding Benefits

Proper tool storage practices are a fundamental aspect of EMS safety and professionalism. Such practices are likewise beneficial and well worth the extra precaution.

Organize Tools for Ease of Access

EMS, particularly firefighters, need to know exactly where their tools are when they need them. Having the correct mounting in place will enable workers to shave down lost time spent searching for tools in vain. A well-organized set of equipment and tools will also allow for quick inventories while on the scene.

Proper mounting and organization will provide for quick ease of access, rather than rummaging through random compartments or struggling to pry tools from warped hooks or rusted grips.

Look for and Eliminate Potential Hazards

Equipment like sledgehammers, axes, and oxygen tanks are all heavy, sharp, and capable of causing trauma if used incorrectly. While one won’t be using an ax while inside a firetruck, the proper storage of these items can ward off injury or accidents.

During transport, loose or incorrectly stored tools will shift around creating a potential hazard. In the event of a crash, these loose tools could become deadly projectiles. It is vital to secure all tools and to perform quick assessments of vehicles to spot haphazardly stored equipment.

Protect Tools and Equipment When Storing

Properly storing and securing equipment will not only protect the passengers, so too will it protect the longevity of the equipment. EMS must be careful to not arbitrarily store unsecured axes with oxygen tanks or sledgehammers with face shields.

Keeping the gear from jostling around and banging into each other will save money and prevent against early wear and tear. Moreover, a broken tool could result in unintended consequences if an EMS needs said tool.

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