Stan Rice

“If there was a better Accident & Health policy than Provident’s, I would sell it. How many underwriters reject accounts because they don’t fit the underwriting guidelines? When I brought an account that didn’t fit perfectly in the program, I worked with Provident to find an alternative solution—a solution that resulted in a happy client and opportunities for additional business. 

During a renewal, I was informed by a client that a claim had been denied. I wasn’t aware that a claim had been filed. It turned out that the claim was three years old and denied for insufficient information. I investigated it, and Provident was willing to re-open the case and immediately began settling it to the insured’s satisfaction. Few companies would be willing to do this. 

I have been doing business with Provident for over 30 years. The year 2020 was a challenging one for all of us. Despite this, Provident has continued to do its best to provide our first responders with the most comprehensive coverage and most responsive claim department in the industry. It has been a privilege to be part of the Provident Team.”