What Qualities do Customers Want in an Insurance Agent?

To maintain a good name in the field of insurance, agents must meet standard expectations to keep clients happy and stay in business. While people expect agents to have a license and meet the other legal requirements to do business in their states, they also seek out agents that offer strong customer service, honesty, and information.

In order to remain competitive and attract the right clients, it’s important for insurance agents to understand what their target clients are looking for. Last month, we discussed ways that agents can improve their customer service, but that’s not the only way to make yourself appealing to clients.

Educational Information

People look to their insurance agent for factual information about coverage types and levels. Both potential and current clients will ask questions about policy restrictions and coverage availability and will seek personal guidance. You must be able to answer these questions and help clients get the coverage that best meets their needs and budgets. Clients will not want to work with an agent who can’t answer their questions and help them understand their policies or one that they feel pushes unnecessary products.

Reliable Quotes

An insurance agent must provide clients with reliable policy quotes and may have to run different scenarios for the same client to provide a range of quotes based on different variables. A client may want a homeowner’s insurance quote for a standard policy but also ask for quotes with additional coverage options added in. Agents must clearly explain quotes to clients in a diligent and patient manner. A client who feels their agent is dishonest is unlikely to seek further service through them. 

Industry Knowledge

You must be knowledgeable on more than just the policy information. For example, you are likely to be questioned about how claims are processed. Clients are essentially starting a relationship with you and the way you work as a whole. You must have a strong work ethic and grasp on internal policies to answer a wide range of questions and handle concerns.

Availability and Response

It is crucial that you are available, easy to contact and ready to respond to a client’s needs. When an individual with auto insurance gets into an accident, for example, they’ll need to speak to their agent and get help immediately. Even agents who mainly do business online or by phone need to always be ready to have reliable contact options for clients around the clock. An agent also has to know what to do when a client has an emergency and it will be helpful if you are able to walk them through challenging times in a reassuring manner. Responding immediately isn’t helpful if you don’t know how to best assist your client.

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